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  • Regional coordinators from around the world strengthen the global Bosch Alumni Network

    Jun 01, 2018

    Last weekend, twenty Bosch alumni from a variety of RBSG programs and representing 18 regions came together at the iac Berlin “Community Space”. For the duration of one year they have been appointed “Regional Coordinators” of the network and play a central role in the decentralization process.

    More than 80 people from the Bosch Alumni Network applied for the assignment earlier this year with a letter of motivation and a strategy sketch for their respective regions. A total of 52 people are now building eighteen local network structures, for example in China, North Africa, India and various parts of Europe.

    As local contact points for network members, the "Regional Coordinators" connect alumni in their regions through activities and events and support the implementation of ideas. Thus, they contribute significantly to the further development of the entire network. Regional Coordinators are fulfilling their roles in a voluntary capacity and receive a budget for regional activities from the International Alumni Center (iac Berlin).

    From June 22-24, as a starting point for the cooperation, the iac Berlin invited the local network representatives to Berlin to discuss what this role means and how local strategies can best be implemented in the respective regional context.

    Over the next 12 months, concrete networking formats will be trialled and tested and further developed in close cooperation with iac Berlin. The regional coordinators are a valuable resource with their expertise and commitment from the Robert Bosch Stiftung.


    Regional Coordinators during the kick-off meeting in Berlin.


    List of Regional Coordinators:
    (to get to a coordinators profile, just klick on the name)

    First & Last Name Regional Coordinator for City/Region/Country
    Ara Nazinyan Armenia Yerevan/Armenia
    Aghavni Harutyunyan Armenia Yerevan/Armenia
    Zrinka Salaj Brussels Brussels/ Belgium
    Rosalinda Scalia Brussels Brussels/ Belgium
    Nino Ugrekhelidze Georgia Tbilisi/Georgia
    Teona Dalakishvili Georgia Tbilisi/Georgia
    Archil Gabatashvili Georgia Tbilisi/Georgia
    Violetta Tsitsiliani Greece Athens/Greece
    Ourania Mavriki Greece Athens/Greece
    Marilli Mastrantoni Greece Athens/Greece
    Stelios Voulgaris Greece Athens/Greece
    Giorgos Monogioudis Greece Athens/Greece
    Chrysa Petala Greece Thessaloniki/Greece
    Szilvia Gellai Hungary Budapest/ Hungary
    Flore Thoreau La Salle Italy Bologna/Italy
    Hannah Weckemann Bayern Munich/Germany
    Maria Prahl Bayern Munich/Germany
    Samuel Kalika Portugal Porto/Portugal
    João Rosa Portugal Aveiro/Portugal
    Julian Gröger Romania and Moldova Chisinau / Moldova
    Nicoleta Prostean Romania and Moldova Cluj / Romania
    Ivan Molchanov Russia Moscow/Russia
    Natalia Petrova Russia Moscow/Russia
    Anastasiia Guliavina Russia Moscow/Russia
    Alparslan Demir Turkey Istanbul/ Turkey
    Cemre Ceren Asarlı Turkey Istanbul/ Turkey
    Sergiy Yevteev Ukraine Kyiv/Ukraine
    Alona Karavai Ukraine Ivano-Frankivsk/Ukraine
    Yuriy Petrash Ukraine Lviv/ Ukraine
    Martin Glažar Southeast Europe Ljubljana / Slovenia
    Ivan Fischer Southeast Europe Zagreb/Croatia
    Milica Bogdanović Southeast Europe Podgorica/Montenegro
    Ana Bogavac Southeast Europe Podgorica/Montenegro
    Ognyan Georgiev Southeast Europe Sofia/Bulgaria
    Irma Zulic Southeast Europe Sarajevo/ Bosnia and Herzegovina
    Una Hajdari Southeast Europe Kosovo
    Peter Hergemöller China Shanghai/ China
    Xin Song China Shenzen/ China
    Wachira Waheire East Africa Nairobi/ Kenya
    Marc Kwizera East Africa Ruanda
    Fabrice Muchiga Cubaka East Africa Bukavu/ Democratic Republic of the Congo
    Lino Owor Ogora East Africa Gulu/ Uganda
    Joshua Musasizi East Africa Kampala/Uganda
    Agatha Ndongo East Africa Nairobi/ Kenya
    Deepak Ashwani India Punjab/ India
    Namrata Acharya India Kolkata/ India
    Elsa Marie D'Silva India Mumbai/ India
    Rafik Boudjadja Western Mediterranean Algeria
    Charlotte Watermann Western Mediterranean Algeria
    Lobna Jarraya Western Mediterranean Tunisia
    Fatiha Zanniby Western Mediterranean Rabat/ Marocco
    Abderrazak Bendali-Hacine Western Mediterranean Baba Hassen/ Algeria
    Mustapha Selmane Western Mediterranean Blida/ Algeria
    Mara Pillinger USA Washington D.C./ USA
    Jessica Heller USA Washington D.C./ USA
    Max Bouchet USA Washington D.C./ USA



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