Dear members of the Bosch Alumni Network,

We hope this message finds you healthy and well!

Throughout 2021, the world around us seemed to spiral further and further out of control with an array of armed conflicts, climate catastrophes and a global pandemic that hasn’t lost any momentum. Still, we’d like to focus on some of 2021’s nicer moments, happening within the Bosch Alumni Network – moments which helped to collectively meet these challenges.

The Bosch Alumni Network continued to expand, with many of you assuming important new roles in and for the community. We welcomed the first cohort of Impact Field Hosts; saw you take over the organization of the Monday on the Couch series; and have been continuously amazed by the many inspiring events and projects you have created.

In periods of relative COVID-19 calmness, personal meetings became possible again in some parts of the world, while adhering to strict safety regulations. Though held in small groups, these events and their findings were made available to a global audience via They not only provided opportunities for personal exchanges between participants, but also showcased a constantly-improving culture of inclusiveness, accessibility, and cooperation through digitalization.

Thank you all for being a central part of these and many other inspiring moments and developments!

As we wrap up 2021 and begin preparing for 2022, we hope the Bosch Alumni Network continues to provide a safe space for all members to foster personal exchanges, share learnings and cooperate across the world. We look forward to continuing down this path with you!

We wish you and your loved ones a healthy and restful festive season!

Your iac Berlin team


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