Dear network members,

Our call for ideas within in the media cluster went out in January 2018 and we received almost 30 submissions - now we are happy to inform which ideas will be put into practice this year!

In spring, an alumni jury (for a list of jury members, see below) nominated five projects for implementation, ranging from a media conference in Croatia’s capital, a network meet-up on new finance models for journalism to a webinar series on digitalization. 

Here you can find an overview of the selected alumni projects: 

Media Study: Getting quality journalism closer to audiences on social networks:  Journalists as social media influencers? (Online and Zagreb/Croatia, June-December 2018)

Media worldwide are facing numerous challenges in the era of social networks. The challenges get more complicated to overcome bearing in mind unstable political circumstances of transitional democracies, an influence of competing interests of global political players and a general lack of media literacy. By conducting in-depth interviews with focus groups during the Bosch Alumni Network media conference “Empowering Investigative Journalism” in October in Zagreb, and a quantitative online survey this project wants to spark a debate about the use of social media in journalism. 

Contact Person: Ana Bogavac

Webinar: Digitalization, Media, Civic Society. Opportunities and Threats - let's talk (Online, August – December 2018)

Digitalization is THE megatrend shaping our future. But coping with digitalization is a difficult challenge for media and people working in the media: One the one hand we have to investigate and report in a critical and responsible way. On the other hand we depend on new trends in digital media to reach our audience. How critical is media's reliance on social media? What could blockchain do for journalism? And how can the internet and digitalization help to support civil societies and their freedom of speech? Join our webinar starting in late summer to discuss these and many more questions. 

Organisers: Indo-German Media Network
Contact Person: Sonja Ernst

Study Tour: Bosnian Elections (Sarajevo/Bosnia and Herzegovina, September 2018)

This October, Bosnia & Herzegovina will go to the polls to elect their presidential council and a new parliament, a vote which will have a great impact on the future and direction of the country. As Bosnia & Herzegovina has a very ethnically divided political system, our study tour for journalists will examine how ethnic tensions and divisions influence the country’s politics. Additionally, we will look at Bosnia & Herzegovina’s direction and role within Europe. October’s elections will serve as a crucial barometer for whether the country is headed toward closer ties with the EU and NATO or whether it will instead turn toward other countries like Turkey or Russia.

Contact Person: Jessica Heller 

Media Conference: Empowering Investigative Journalism (Zagreb/Croatia, October 2018)

Real investigative journalism has been on decline for the past decade, with less and less media outlets able to afford the time and resources needed to properly investigate and follow-up important but complex stories. Cases of corruption, graft, trafficking and abuse of authority often go ignored and uncovered, especially when the story involves two or more countries. Nowhere is this problem more evident than in South East Europe, where relatively small markets mean that mainstream media are dependent on state subsidies and large advertisers to maintain profitability.
In a four-day four-day conference we will connect freelance and non-profit journalists from the region with their colleagues from western Europe, present case studies and best practices of non-profit investigative journalism, and introduce the journalists to foundations and networks willing to support independent and investigative journalism.

Contact Person: Ivan Fischer 

Networking Meet-Up: Alternative finance and business models for journalism (Berlin/Germany, October 2018) 

In this network meet-up, Bosch Alumni Network members and non-alumni who have founded or plan to found a media start-up will have the chance to come together and exchange on their experiences. In multiple workshops they will discuss aspects such as sustainability, content strategies, and non-profit journalism, which will help them to learn from each other. 

Contact Person: Pauline Tillmann 

Jury members:

Pradnya Bivalkar (Media Ambassadors India-Germany)
Ralf Grötker (Neue Wege im Wissenschaftsjournalismus)
Haifen Nan (Media Ambassadors China-Germany)
Thomas Reintjes (Initiative Wissenschaftsjournalismus)
Lisa Richter (iac Berlin)
Florene Wild (Robert Bosch Stiftung)

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