BMW Foundation Herbert Quandt and International Alumni Center align to support networks for social impact!

As of May 2018, former BMW Foundation team member Armin Pialek has joined the team of the International Alumni Center (iac Berlin) to bring in his expertise in the field of “pro bono” to support networks for social change and strengthen collaborations in the philanthropic field.

Both the International Alumni Center (iac Berlin) and the BMW Foundation Herbert Quandt share a common interest in activating individuals and building networks for social impact. The iac Berlin advises foundations and other non-profit organizations in its alumni work, helps with practical solutions in the design of impact-oriented networks and initiates new forms of cooperation. The BMW Foundation Herbert Quandt promotes responsible leadership by connecting individuals through the global BMW Foundation Responsible Leaders Network, a diverse and collaborative community that drives positive change towards a peaceful, just and sustainable future.

In an effort to combine the two approaches, Armin’s focus for the next two years will be on expanding the project “pro bono” - an instrument designed to encourage professionals and leaders to use their skills for good. Approaches and tools developed within the “pro bono” field will be “translated” and used to support and strengthen networks that drive social change.

“Networks can be a powerful tool for impact. Creating a shared sense of belonging and supporting direct knowledge exchange within a network increases the amount of talent, engagement and solutions dedicated towards making a positive difference in the world,” explains Darius Polok, Managing Director of the iac Berlin. “We are excited to welcome Armin Pialek as a member of our team and thank the BMW Foundation for their support.“

“By supporting the iac Berlin as an open platform, we seek to strengthen the global networks of changemakers and responsible leaders by providing new networking methods in the form of open knowledge," says Markus Hipp, Executive Director of the BMW foundation Herbert Quandt.

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