Updated Groups Design Provides more Transparency and Autonomy

Dear members of the Bosch Alumni Network,

Knowing that the Groups are a pivotal aspect of the network, we are happy to introduce an update on the design and therefore the feeling of the Groups.

As of now, when navigating inside a Group, the main navigation on top of the screen and referring to the entire platform will disappear, as will the search-bar on top of the page. You will only see the navigation bar of the specific Group in order to put more emphasis on the Group and its activities. When exiting the Group, the main navigation will appear again.

Of course, the Groups’ main functionalities will remain as before including all features and possibilities you are using already.

To exit a Group, users can click either on the Bosch Alumni Network logo on the top left part of the screen (1), their profile area on the top right (2), or on the new tab on the Group’s navigation bar labelled “Main Page” that will be included soon (3).

These changes will apply to public and private Groups alike. We are convinced this slight change will strengthen the feeling of autonomy inside a Group and increase the transparency of the navigation.

We are curious to hear about your experiences and your opinion on this update. And in case of any question, please don’t hesitate to get in touch as well!

All the best
The Bosch Alumni Network Coordination Team

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