We are excited to announce the projects that were selected following our first Call for Ideas in the new Science Cluster – many thanks to everyone who participated in making its launch such a huge success and submitted their ideas. After careful consideration, our jury decided on seven proposals that strive to make science more approachable and innovatively use its potential for social change.  

To get involved, learn more about the projects below and feel free to contact the project teams!

1) Practice <–> Research: Collaborations for Social Change

By fostering partnerships between researchers and practitioners, this project will contribute to challenging hierarchies of knowledge and amplify impact by bridging the gap between academia and civil society actors.  

Contact: Jasmina Brankovic, Friederike Mieth


2) Sustainability Research Lab

In a co-creative process, a core-group of 10-12 cluster members will develop new and transdisciplinary approaches for designing, implementing, and communicating research projects contributing to sustainability transformations.   

Contact: Raphael Karutz


3) Publication Series: Sustainability in the post-pandemic society

Following a discussion series within the network, this project’s aim is to prepare a peer-reviewed publication investigating the pandemic’s effect on sustainability.  

Contact: Kalterina Shulla


4) Crowdfunding for Science – How crowdfunding can enable small scale research projects and empower citizens

Science arguably lacks innovative tools to engage the public – but crowdfunding could be an opportunity to empower scientists and citizens alike. This project explores learnings from crowdfunding campaigns by example of Sicily and the Mediterranean Sea.  

Contact: Hanna Rasper, Lisa Reimitz-Wachberger


5) Bosch Alumni Network Potential in Science and Research: A social network analysis perspective

To understand what research and science topics Bosch Alumni Network members engage with, how they (can) collaborate and to identify key impact areas, this project will map out existing network structures of the Bosch Alumni Network.  

Contact: Stefan Cibian, Lev Fejes, Adriana Carnu, Ana Marica


6) Bringing ecological and biophilic processes to life in sustainable living spaces

Urban planning often omits scientific insights into biodiversity enhancing processes and biophilic human needs – to synthesize both fields, this project will create a resource base and media pieces that contribute to the successful planning of sustainable living spaces.  

Contact: Hjalmar Kühl


7) Co-productive real estate development as democratic capacity building

In this project, Bosch Alumni Network members will collaborate with another community, the “Netzwerk Immovielien” and co-produce transformative knowledge on participatory urban development.  

Contact: Michael Ziehl, Karoline Augenstein

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