On August 15, Mark Hertsgaard, California-based author and renown environmental correspondent, along with Abhaya Raj Joshi, a Nepalese climate and wildlife journalist, kicked off a five-seminar series on how to tell the climate story with urgency, innovation and creativity.

The first seminar focused on what kinds of reporting collaborations already exist, and how to better frame climate stories in human- and solutions-focused ways. Specifically, Hertsgaard introduced the 15 seminar participants to the online portal coveringclimatenow.org that curates the climate stories of some 400 media outlets worldwide.

Remaining seminars in the Reporting on the Climate Crisis series will further encourage knowledge-sharing and raise awareness around underreported climate concerns. Check out the "Events" section for further information.

Find here the entire report and interview, conducted by Sabine Kortals Stein!

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