COVID-19 has magnified the gender inequalities and power imbalances that result in fragile communities. Countering these effects of the pandemic, the recent Gender Alliance Summit explored how to design proactive responses to COVID-19 by guiding and mobilizing institutions and governments to be more inclusive of women leaders.

Bosch Alumni Network member Sabine Kortals Stein reports about the program as well as its outcomes and spoke to fellow network member Elsa Marie D'Silva, founder of the Red Dot Foundation and lead organizer of the three-day online summit. They touch topics such as inclusive diplomacy, the influence of women’s leadership in tackling the COVID-19 pandemic and next steps.

"Through the uniqueness of the Gender Alliance, we’re creating the framework and structures that will allow us to continue to learn together, to support one another’s work, to share resources and successes, and to inspire others to join us in promoting on gender equity." (Elsa Marie D'Silva )

Find here the entire report and interview!

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