Shape the future of the Bosch Alumni Network and join our working groups!

Three years after the Bosch Alumni Network embarked on its venturous journey in 2017, we entered an evaluation process with the assistance of the Vienna University of Economics and Business to reflect on what we have achieved and look ahead to develop a common path for the future.

On Monday, 31 August, the evaluation’s key findings were presented by the two study heads, Dr. Peter Vandor, senior researcher and manager and Lukas Leitner (M.A.), researcher, at the Social Entrepreneurship Center Vienna University of Economics and Business (WU Vienna) in a 90-minutes zoom call.

You can now watch the recording of their presentation and/or find the full evaluation report in the Media Center. For further information please join our group “Bosch Alumni Network: Evaluation Results”.

Many relevant implications and questions for the strategic development of the Bosch Alumni Network have emerged from the evaluation study. If you would like to discuss some of those aspects in more detail with other network members and the BAN coordination team, you are welcome to join one (or more) of the newly created working groups.

Each group will be discussing one of the following questions:

  1. How to optimize access to information and knowledge?
  2. How to increase legitimacy and credibility through the “brand” of the BAN and Robert Bosch Stiftung within the members’ professional fields?
  3. How to increase peer-to-peer support between members?
  4. How to increase the sense of belonging to the Bosch Alumni Network community?
  5. How to strengthen civic resilience and facilitate the collective ability to act?
  6. How to support the collective development of common visions, strategies, and language?
  7. How to increase professional efficacy and impulse for innovation?
  8. How to strengthen the reinforcement effects towards the members, iac Berlin and Robert Bosch Foundation?

After September 21, each working group will be invited by the network’s coordination team to a one-hour video call to discuss the respective issue with each other.

The groups are then free to continue the discussion beyond this initial meeting. Each working group will be hosted by a member of the BAN coordination team, and decides on further procedures individually.

If you would like to attend one of these working groups, please add your name to this document.

We are looking forward to continuing discussing with you. Again, thank you very much for your commitment!

Warm regards from Berlin,

The Coordinating Team

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