Launch of the new Cluster „Science and Research“ – We would like to hear your thoughts!

Science can shape society by generating new knowledge, by educating and qualifying future problem solvers and decision-makers, and by incorporating knowledge from and into society. Considering the great challenges we are facing with regard to climate change, resource scarcity, rapid urbanization and societal cohesion, collaboration across borders and sectors is particularly needed.

In the weeks to come, together with all of you and in close cooperation with our colleagues of the Robert Bosch Stiftung we will launch the Cluster “Science & Research” within the Bosch Alumni Network.

This new Cluster brings together members with a background in academia or an interest in research and science. It aims to strengthen the dialogue between science and society, and to promote science by supporting the networking of science, society, and research policy. It also fosters knowledge exchange on interdisciplinary and transdisciplinary research. It intends to strengthen such collaborations between members of the Bosch Alumni Network by offering on- and offline opportunities to connect with like-minded peers.

Within our already existing online Cluster group, we invite you to exchange knowledge and build partnerships with one another, create and use synergies, share ideas and information on your work and (re-)post newsletters, events, articles or calls for applications relevant to the subject area.

We invite you to further shape the development of the Cluster by sharing your ideas, expectations and wishes. We are curious to learn what topics, formats and opportunities you are interested in and kindly ask you to dedicate 3 minutes of your valuable time to fill in our short online survey.

We very much look forward to reading your ideas and are very grateful for your time,
Lucie and Lisa


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