Connecting virtual facilitators, graphic recorders, experience designers and /or artists with online event organisers

The world as we know it has changed significantly during recent months, and many of us have had to reinvent ourselves as we are navigating our way through a global pandemic. At an unprecedented speed, meetings, workshops, and entire conferences have been moved from offline to online. This has created a number of questions for many of us: 

  1. How do you plan and host impactful online events? How does networking and enabling human connections work in the virtual world? What are the best technologies and tools to achieve our goals and how do we choose wisely?
  2. How do I find the right facilitators, graphic recorders, experience designers and/or artists to help me make my online event effective and successful? 

Already towards the end of 2019, the iac Berlin, Impact Hub Network and WWF Switzerland launched - an online toolkit capturing best practices, case studies, tools and resources, sourced from over 25+ international organizations that have rich and vast experience in virtual community building in the impact sector. 

Now, a brand new section has been added, to enable you to connect with the right people: the ‘Work Transformation Collective’ is group of virtual facilitators, experience designers, graphic recorders, storytellers, content producers, back-end zoom supporters and artists that have joined forces to help you translate your services, meetings, communities and conferences into the world of online connectivity. 

Some of you may want to get involved in this group and offer your skills and services. 
How can you get involved? Join the calling and gain more visibility! 

Do you have experience in - or can support with: 

  • The development of virtual conferences of all sizes  
  • Translating work into the virtual world 
  • Running a successful virtual community 

Get in touch! We want to show-case freelancers and organisations from around the globe that are ready to support for- and non-profit organisations to move into the world of virtual work.  

How does it work? 

If you would like your information displayed to gain more visibility for your work, expertise and/or services, send your:  Name, Organization, Location, Relevant Skills, Past Experience, LinkedIn Profile, Email address along with a professional profile picture to 

And remember: By completing your skills on your profile (including “Online Facilitation”) you will also increase your chances of being approached for your support by other members of the network. 



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