An update on regional coordination and activities within the Bosch Alumni Network

Currently, more than 6.600 Bosch Alumni Network members are spread across 131 countries around the globe. Building a community with such a diversity with regards to both local contexts as well as interests and backgrounds has proven an ambitious and complex task. In 2018, we therefore started a decentralization process of the network by appointing several “Regional Coordinators” in different parts of the world.

By coordinating a decentralized and participatory network structure, we hope to increase self-governance, innovation and social impact emerging from the network and our members. Our Regional Coordinators facilitate connections among members with different backgroundsand interests from the same city, country or region, thereby setting the conditions for decentralized engagement, knowledge co-production and change at the local level.

What has happened so far

During the initial pilot phase (2018-19), a total of 56 alumni from around 30 different countriesand programs formed the first cohort of Regional Coordinators to strengthen local network structures, for example in China, Africa, India and various parts of Europe. As local contact points for network members, the Regional Coordinators connected members by hosting events and supporting the implementation of their ideas throughout 2018-2019.

During this period, regional activities included kick-off events for multi-country subnetworks in the Western Mediterranean (Algeria, December 2018), Southeast Europe (Serbia, September 2019), Africa (Rwanda, March 2019,), and Southeast Asia (Indonesia, December 2019).

Our kick-off event in Southeast Asia took place in Bali, Indonesia. 22 participants from the entire region had the opportunity to get to know each other and exchange ideas.

In other parts of the world, regular meet-ups to gather alumni from different fields and programs made visible the potentials for synergies steaming from a variety of existing ties and relationships among members (e.g. in the US, Greece, Russia, Ukraine, Bavaria, China, Moldova) but also helped to identify and initiate new ones (e.g. in Brussels, Kenya, Democratic Republic of Congo, Uganda, India, Hong Kong).

We can therefore safely say that our Regional Coordinators contributed significantly to the further development of the decentralization process and the entire network and we are immensely grateful for the hard work that has been put in by everyone involved.

Where we are now

After the end of the pilot phase, new team members joined and/or replaced existing teams while we also identified new Coordinators that will start building the network in Latin America,West Africa and Southeast Asia, to name just a few. In 2020, over 70 members working in teams coordinate local and cross-regional activities within the network, finding the overlaps between regional and thematic communities and facilitating self-organized collaborations. They are fulfilling their roles in a voluntary capacity while the team at the iac Berlin supports Regional Coordinators to strengthen their role in community building, systemic leadership and participatory practices.

We are thankful to all our Regional Coordinators for their hard work and creative input tobdrive the development of the Bosch Alumni Network for all of us! We look forward to the activities ahead!

To find an overview of Regional Coordinators of the Bosch Alumni Network, please click here.

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