Tell us more about yourself & find new ways to collaborate

Dear network members,

Over the past two years, the Bosch Alumni Network has grown immensely, now counting almost 6000 members from over 125 countries. Thousands of network members from across the globe are forging connections via our platform. However, many of you aren’t making use of one of the platform’s strongest tools yet: completing the personal profile to ensure that you will appear in search results.

Why is it so important to complete my profile?

  • When you have a complete profile, your peers, potential project partners, or members looking for an expert will have an easier time finding you.
  • A completed profile gives you better chances at being selected for any events or opportunities that you apply to via the platform.
  • It increases your chances at being selected for a Learning Exchange Grant! Find a learning partner by browsing the search directory

Tips for a full profile

  • Tell your story. List your experiences, education, awards & achievements.
  • Add your Skills, Impact Fields & relevant SDGs, so that people can easily find you in your field of expertise.
  • Showcase your work by adding images, videos and documents to the portfolio of your profile. 

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