We have launched a new thematic cluster on the topic of Peace on the platform. In the context of today’s wars and conflicts and their increasing international implications for society at large, bringing about inclusive and sustainable peace could not be more relevant. Are you working in the fields of conflict prevention, peace building, conflict resolution (mediation & dialogue in particular) or truth, justice & remembrance? If so, we invite you to join the Peace Cluster and start sharing your thoughts and ideas on the topic.

What is the plan for the Cluster?

The Peace Cluster will offer on- and offline opportunities to connect with like-minded peers and to develop and implement joint activities relevant to the subject area. In order to lay the ground for the cluster´s evolvement and for preparing a kick-off event early next year (most likely spring) we would like to ask for your input by participating in this short survey.

Please do not hesitate to contact us in case of any further questions and/or feedback. If you/ your organization are interested in contributing to/ hosting of the cluster kick-off event send a message to: Sarah.Hammerl@boschalumni.net.

We look forward hearing from you!
Sarah & the Coordinators of the Bosch Alumni Network

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