Help us develop the vision of the Bosch Alumni Network!

At the beginning of October, 29 network members from 13 different countries came together at the Art of Hosting Training & Retreat in Greece to develop a common vision for the Bosch Alumni Network. During three days, we experienced the diversity of the network – individually and collectively –, discussed the network’s future, and designed our way forward. As one result, we drafted the following mission, vision, and principles, which will guide our future actions:

Our mission
To be a global community that tackles challenges for societies and for our planet.

Our vision
To create and inspire equal and sustainable ways of living and working together.

Our principles

- We create safe space and trust
- We work with openness and transparency
- We work through good relationships
- We self-organize around our mission
- We contribute our commitment and responsibility
- We team up to achieve impact
- We use diverse knowledge and skills
- We use resources carefully
- We share new knowledge with others
- We partner with others

We have heard many voices in Greece – now we would like to hear yours, too! Do mission, vision, and principles resonate with you? What do you like? What is missing? Please share your thoughts in the comment section below until November 22, 2018. Make also sure to react to the suggestions of fellow network members. Thank you for your input!

Your Bosch Alumni Network-team

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