Webinars on data, data sources and using data: CHINA

Feb 19, 2018 14:00 - 15:00 CET
25 people are attending
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We are pleased to announce the third part of our webinar project on data in February.

This time, we will focus on China, and the webinar will be presented by Chinese data expert Yolanda Ma.

Ma is a digital strategist specializing in data journalism. She is the co-founder of DJChina, the first website in Chinese on data journalism. She is currently based in Bangkok as a consultant and is passionately invested in environmental issues and civil society development in China.

The webinar will be presented on February 19th, 2 to 3 pm European time. We will start on time.
Please consider your registration as binding:
The webinar is limited to 35 participants.

Working with data is no longer a niche skill, but rather one that is mandatory for all. The webinars are for journalists and researchers who want to learn more about using data with an interest in India, China, EU/Germany and/or global trends. All other alumni are warmly welcome to register, if the webinars suit your interests.

4 of the 5 webinars have a geographical focus: EU/Germany, India, China and global trends.
These webinars will focus on the following topics: economy, development, labor, education, social affairs and health. The 5th webinar has a practical approach on how to analyze and present/visualize data.

Our third webinar is presented by Chinese data expert Yolanda Ma. She will talk about the development of data journalism in China:

• The key players: news outlets to keep an eye on

• Data sources: availability, accessibility and quality (government, commercial, NGOs, citizens)

• Trends and changes since data journalism was introduced five years ago

• What's unique in China

The webinar will take 1 hour. After the presentation by Ma (40 minutes), we will have a Q&A session (20 minutes).
You will receive information in advance on how to participate in the webinar. It is really easy. No special software is needed, just an internet connection.

Our series will continue in March with the webinar on global data. 
Please add your questions to the comment box below. 


Sunaina Kumar and Sonja Ernst


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