Bosch Alumni Network Study Trip to New York City

Nov 05, 2017 08:00 -
Nov 08, 2017 17:00 UTC
New York, NY, USA

Bosch Alumni Network Study Trip to New York City, Capital of Podcasting

What’s the trip about?

Today, New York City is considered to be the capital of podcasting. Historically, some of the best podcasts come from public radio station WNYC, and today the city is home to some of the world-known podcasts.

An entire ecosystem has emerged around podcasting, changing the economics of audio publishing, and challenging the traditional means of production. However, outside of the US, locally produced, commercially successful podcasts are rare. There seems to be a lack of understanding about how to export the commercial viability of podcasts seen in the States to other parts of the world.

During this study trip to New York, the participants will get the opportunity to meet some of the key figures of the podcast universe, and learn how they’ve been re-shaping the world of radio. Hopefully, this will help them understand the industry better, and maybe figure out the way how to make podcasts more successful in their home countries.

Who can apply?

All Bosch Alumni Network members, with good working knowledge of English, an interest in podcast culture, an idea/hope to start a podcast in their country, or simply, interested in knowing more about how podcasting in NYC works and what one can learn from NYC professionals.

Apply if you are:

  •     a radio journalist/editor, radio producer and/or podcaster who wants to take their podcasting game to the next level
  •     a marketing/PR/communication specialist interested in using podcasts in your NGO / organisation / business
  •     a tech professional interested in storytelling, and excited about the possibility to use podcasts within the tech industry

Don’t hesitate to apply even if you don’t quite tick one of the abovementioned boxes, but if you’re a podcast aficionado - our goal is to have a diverse pool of participants. All participants are expected to actively take part in the program and help with preparing as well as documenting some of the meetings.

How do I apply?

If you are interested, please send:

  • short CV (in English)
  • a short cover letter in English, explaining how you could benefit from the trip and why you are interested in podcasts, detailing if you have any experience in podcasting and/or if you have any podcast ideas you’d like to develop.
  • Please name one person you’d like to meet in NYC and pose one question you’d like them to answer.


What is the time frame and cost?

September 15: closing date for applications

September 30: selection of participants

November 5-8: trip to NYC. The program will start in the late afternoon of Nov 5 and end in the afternoon of Nov 8.

A maximum of 10 applicants will take part in this trip. Thanks to support by the International Alumni Center (iac Berlin), all accommodation expenses (twin rooms, double occupancy) will be fully covered. The participants will be responsible for covering their travel expenses to/from New York City, meals (aside from some working meals), as well as any additional cost they might have during the trip. Up to 3 travel grants will be provided by the iac Berlin to cover parts of the costs (for more details, please contact Lisa Richter at iac Berlin at

We are... three avid podcast consumers, in love with sound and (good) storytelling.

  •  Jelena Prtoric, digital journalist from Croatia, alumna of Reporters in the Field program of Robert Bosch Stiftung;; +385 95 74 14 006
  • Thomas Reintjes, German radio producer based in NYC and alumnus of Initiative Wissenschaftsjournalismus, a Bosch-funded science journalism initiative;, +1 646 472 4781
  • Christine Werner, radio journalist in Cologne, Germany, alumna of the Bosch program “Tauchgänge in die Wissenschaft”;, +49 171 5488935
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