Bosch Alumni Network Conference "Balkan Refugee Route"

Oct 13, 2017 08:00 -
Oct 15, 2017 18:00 CEST
Belgrade, Serbia

Are you a journalist/NGO-member/policy maker (or all of them) interested in migration and refugee issues? Do you think we should stay on the story and work for a more diverse media coverage of the refugee crisis? Our Bosch Alumni Network conference in Belgrade, October 13-15, 2017 may be for you!


Hundreds of thousands of refugees and migrants have arrived in Europe, hoping to find a place free of war, conflict, religious prosecution, totalitarian regimes and poverty. The agreement between the EU and Turkey, to house refugees on Turkish soil, could end at any moment, while scores of refugees are seeking alternative routes to Europe, many risking their lives by crossing the Mediterranean Sea in overfilled, inadequate boats.

Populist parties and fringe news outlets are spreading fear and disinformation, causing the anti-refugee sentiment to rise in many EU member states, and influencing policy without factual evidence. At the same time, legitimate concerns seem to be drowned and overshadowed by rumors and false news.


We are six Bosch Alumni Network members from Croatia, Germany, Hungary, Serbia, and Turkey pursuing the goal of improving the quality of refugee news coverage, influencing policymaking, enabling better information flow between media in various EU countries, and faster refuting of false rumors and fake news.


* Form a pan-European network of journalists, NGO members and policy makers with the aim to spread timely and accurate information on any developing refugee issue, from mass migrations and humanitarian disasters to security incidents in EU countries involving refugees.

* Foster exchange among relevant actors with direct experience in the most recent refugee crisis on the Balkan route by providing their insights and helping to identify the key issues.

Participants will be expected to take part in several workshops with the goal of forming a Europe-wide network of professionals reporting on and managing refugee issues. Together, the participants will decide on the best format and best practices for organizing and maintaining such a network, identify most important rules for covering refugee issues, learn to avoid common and most dangerous mistakes in refugee reporting, and create guidelines for reporting and communicating with the public.

Deadline for application: now closed.


Please contact: Ivan Fischer | Email: | Phone: +38 91 51 67 497


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